Getting Started 31-40

Buy your property portfolio now & make TIME work for you.


Invest in property assets now. The power of compounding growth over TIME balloons the value, ready for your future.

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Time is still on your side and these are exciting times. Work, Social, Family

This is often the decade of family building and when most women having children, leave work. Which means earning less income — and less compulsory super payments — for a bunch of years.

You shouldn’t even think about going more conservative. This decade is time to really put your foot on the power-accelerator, capitalising on youth, time and position. Because if not now, when?

We know the chances are, “The types of investment properties you can get for the type of money you have available are not going to be the property of your dreams." But an investment property as a cold business decision. Business is about making profit and money - It’s not emotional. It's numbers and returns.

FACT - You have got to get additional income streams from investment, without exchanging time for the income.

Create extra income streams

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We know it might feel tight for a while, but it's time to "Stop saving what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving!"

If you haven't already started, this period in your life is the time to be generating additional and sustainable income streams. If you have a mortgage use investment property strategies to rapidly pay down your mortgage!

Whether you have a home with a mortgage or you are renting, you need to look at what investment property you can afford as a priority.

The property market is moving faster and wages growing slower than previous generations. So the longer you leave it the bigger the step is going to be.

FACT - Finance is easier now, with a history in work force, and a career path. With the right finance broker, age is on your side for securing mortgage facilities.


FACT - Time really does makes the difference.

People think about 'timing' to buy a property - the timing is NOW. All research shows it's not timing but actually the length of time you hold the property, that generates real wealth. Our recommendation on how long to hold property, simple - Never sell.

Get us to do the numbers with you. You’ll be astounded and you’ll never look back.

It might feel at this time in life there's a lot going on and challenging times. We bring calm and balance to make sense of it all.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you are on the ladder, we continue to work with you to accelerate your investment portfolio and your wealth.



1. You'll have heard the phrase "knowledge is power”, however can be deceptively misleading. It can lead all too easily to “knowledgeable” complacency. Only APPLIED knowledge is power. That is where we come in.

2. You have us working for you, providing research and insights so that property investing is painless and easy.

3. You'll get straight answers and learn. Understanding is the impetus that drives Application of Knowledge.

4. You'll be confident of going forward with any property investment with us, or it doesn't progress.

5. You'll enjoy a ‘No Pressure’ property investing environment. (We guess someone, somewhere must actually like being pressured, because plenty of organisations keep doing it - Weird!)

6. You'll have access to our membership, and start mapping out your future...On your terms.

7. You have us working alongside you, continuing to help accelerate your investment portfolio and your wealth.

And you never know. You'll probably like us enough to recommend us to others

"Your life changes, the moment you make a new and committed decision."