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Expertise + Great service = Irresistible

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Why work with our panel of specialised services? 

Specialist Expertise + Great Service = Irresistible

A Narrowed Field of Vision Delivers Professional Expertise.

Legal, Finance, Financial Planning, Legacy Planning - These are critical, essential services and expertise upon which to rely.  They are the tyoe of team required to provide the controlled reliable 'engine room' for every successful investor.

The most significant benefit of you working with the services we recommend...

Over the many years working in this industry we meet a lot of groups and individuals, who all profess the services they deliver are 'the best thing since the frisbee'.

Well of course we want them to be 'the best thing since the frisbee' too and as a result over the years, we have kissed a lot of frogs. Unfortunately 7 out of 10 times the frogs remain frogs, and the prince / princess we are looking for does not appear.

We only continue to work with the groups we work with, because they know their topics, they are experts in their fields, and they have consistently proven… They Deliver.

When you are investing your money, would you want anything else except 100% focus, service and attention to detail? We wouldn’t.

Integrated Strategic Approach - 

As a client of ours, when we are not working on your dossier / portfolio, we are working with these panel of experts, on someone else’s. We are in frequent communication about any regulatory, legislative, financial changes. So you can rest assured no ball is ever dropped.

Industry Experience

Each of the Panel above are independent businesses external to InvestorGroup. They are specialists. Experts in thier field.
That narrowed field and purity of focus sets them head and shoulders above others. There are several others that are equally capable and reliable groups that we work with too. We are always discussing additional services as we meet people with clear professional expertise. 

Most Importantly 

It's not just 'Time on the paddock' 

There are a lot of people who have been in and around the investment industry for years and years and some are great at what they do. You'll know if have had that great experience, because you'll never move away - and nor should you! It takes a lot of effort to give irresistible service. It takes even more thought to appear as if you are delivering it effortlessly.

We aim to make our service Irrisistible But that doesn't mean they are necessarily good, It doesn't mean  people inside the services business above, actually go out of their way to provide you with the quality of service we believe everyone should get.


Advice Solutions Law

Offering sound advice, effective strategies and the best possible outcomes in all areas of general law, Chris Finlay and his team at Advice Solutions Law deliver.

Services include: 

  • Property law and conveyancing including buying and selling property and businesses
  • Business and commercial law including leases
  • Wills, deceased estates and powers of attorney

Advice Solutions Law offer premium legal services at cost-effective rates and deliver them through a team of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals.

Understanding that buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a big decision and a significant matter for most people, Advice Solutions Law cater to all people making property transactions in Queensland and can assist you with:

  • Preparation of contracts for sale or purchase of land
  • Contract review
  • Property settlements and negotiations
  • Commercial & Retail Leases
  • Auction enquiries
  • Assistance with identifying suitable opportunities for finance
  • Assistance for first home owners & the First Home Owners Grant
  • Mortgages, refinancing & property deposit bonds
  • Property developments
  • Property division

Advice Solutions law provide services for first home buyers, property developers, real estate agents, banks, mortgage brokers and surveyors.

Their conveyancing services are offered at competitive rates, and they deliver them through a highly qualified and experienced team that includes licensed conveyancers and industry experts.

With a track record of success, Advice Solutions Law lawyers have proven over and over, they take the time needed to fully understand our clients' legal position and to provide both clear, understandable advice and strong representation for all legal matters.

To find out more about what they can offer, contact us 1300 67 27 28 or through the contact us page.



Property Finance Queensland work with and set finance across all lenders. Mike Stenzel has over 29 years working in finance. Our clients repeatedly recommend Mike.

Out of that 29 years, over 19 years was working for NAB bank. In that significant period heading up commercial, agricultural and residential loans before another 10 years plus as an independent specialist investment property broker.

InvestorGroup has no commercial interest or financial benefit in any service that we recommend. We only recommend partners (such as Mike) because so many clients repeatedly recommend them after their personal experiences.

We're sure that when you have a quick chat, you’ll quickly see how they will be able to assist you. When you find yourself engaging him, we are confident you will echo others experiences. 

We are always keen to hear of your experiences and feedback.