Interest rate cuts and reduced property supply

Cash is King


If you have existing investment properties, or plan to buy and would like 12 Months Rent Paid In Advance each year, just confirm your details below and we'll get some info to you and walk you through any next steps.


If Cash is King, what does that make Cashflow... King of Kings?

Cash cannot be King when it offers a negative rate of return! (hold that thought and we'll come back to it) Meanwhile...

Dealing with cash flow issues is most difficult when you are starting a business and growing a business. You have many expenses and money can often feel like it's disappearing out the door faster than it's coming in. And your property investment is your business.

Cash flow management is critical

Well-managed cash flow can also let you live comfortably. The cash flow from the property should be managed to minimise costs and be working to rapidly paying off your debt.

Cash Flow = Freedom

Why are you really interested in real estate investing? It’s probably got something to do with freedom. Right? This is exactly what cash flow provides.

Too often, we determine our success and failure on how much cash we have in the bank. Worse, we start evaluating deals with how much (or how little) cash we can put down on a deal.

Cash flow should be one of the key reasons we are investing in real estate in the first place.

How would 12 Months Rent paid in advance improve your cashflow?

Would you...
~ Park the money in a mortgage offset account?
~ Pay down your (PPOR) Principle Place of Residence?
~ Secure reductions by prepaying other services?
~ Use as that extra cash for the next deposit?
~ Buy that well earned family holiday?

How would you use 12 months advance rent?